Friday, October 8, 2010


      On a fall September day as my kids were taking a late afternoon nap and i got to sit on the couch and sip hot tea, I was thinking what to make for dinner?. In no mood to make typical south Indian food, I was trying to recall a self made eggplant recipe that i had made for chapati a few days ago. But ahh.....bad memory. I thought if only i had documented it, my evening would be effortless as I had to fix dinner before the little energized bunnies are up from their nap. I went online to check recipes and then it occurred to me that i should start a blog where i can document my tried recipes. Hence the birth of this blog.

       Wondering what is Delishun?. This is delicious to my preschooler who is a great fan of cooking channel and is often exposed to this word. She sits at the dinner table and charmingly describes the dinner as delishun. 

        I will post recipes that are quick and easy yet nutritious to our families for busy weekdays and activity filled family weekends.  

       Welcome to one and all to my blog


  1. Many many happy returns of the day, Varun!!!!! Happy Birthday!

    Love the name, delishun :)

  2. Dear Veena,

    Congratulations!!!!!!!good luck with ur new blog!!!!hope to see many exciting recipes here!

  3. Thanks Veda. Sure, stay tuned for more.

  4. hi veena,
    congrats! on ur new blog.

    varun,"happy birthday". can't believe he is 1 already.

    all the best for ur blog.i like the name.. delishun.

  5. Thanks Chandrika. Time just flew by after Varun was born. I am glad you like the name of the blog.