Friday, October 8, 2010

Fondant Fun

           Happy Birthday to my pride and joy!!!!!!

             I still remember holding him in my arms a year back and its time to celebrate his first birthday. I have decided to try fondant cake for the first time. I could involve the big sister in my venture as she was jumping with enthusiasm to bake a cake for lil brother's first birthday. With two little ones, I am a very busy mom. Baking a cake with them around is going to be a real adventure. With time constraints, I decided that a few ready made items were necessary for this cake but nothing could replace the motherly love that was poured into it. With the boys busy with their iPhones ( yes, the birthday boy was playing with mine and the dad with his!), the girls got to work. Me me me..... said the big sis and thus started fond memories...

Fondant Familiarity:
          Originated in Europe in the 18th century Fondant was created to decorate elaborate cakes, usually for royalty. Fondant is a pliable sugar recipe that is used to cover cakes and cup cakes. It gives a smooth finish to the cake. Its a lot of fun to work with because it is like play-doh, and can be moulded into figurines and cut into shapes using cookie cutters. The possibilities are endless. There is white fondant and also fondant in pastel, natural, neon and primary colors. Food color can be added to white fondant to get the desired color or shade. Left over fondant can be stored at room temperature in an air tight container for several days. It is available at craft stores in the cake decorating aisle. I bought mine at Michael's.

Cake and Decoration:
Pillsbury cake mix                   1 Box
Heart Shape cake pan              1
Butter cream icing mix             1 Box
Ready to use
rolled white fondant                  1 Box (8oz)
Ready to use
pastel multi pack                     1 Box
Green food color                      1 Tsp
Cookie cutters                        Shapes of your choice

         For making the cake, I used Pillsbury yellow cake mix. Follow the simple directions on the package to bake the cake. I used a heart shaped cake pan which holds exactly one box of cake mix batter. You may choose a pan with a special ship if you desire. When you buy the moulded cake pan check the quantity of batter it can hold. Most of them hold one box of cake mix batter. Allow the cake to cool in the pan for 15 minutes. Then place it on a wire rack and allow it to cool completely before frosting.

           Butter cream icing is applied on the cake before fondant is laid on it. Butter cream icing mix is readily available at craft stores. Follow package directions to make the icing.

           Dust the working surface with corn flour. Add food color of your choice if using white fondant and knead it. Now roll the fondant like chapati dough using rolling pin big enough to cover your cake. Transfer the rolled fondant to the cake. Smooth it out from top of the cake towards the edges to remove any air pockets. Do the same on the sides and cut the excess fondant hanging on the sides with a knife. Now the cake is ready for your creativity. You can add contrast color borders, add cut shapes or add moulded shapes. Apply water on the back of the fondant to stick it to the surface. Thats it .. a simple but elegant cake. One advantage that I saw was that if you make it a day or two before, it does not need to be refrigerated. An added advantage considering how crowded refrigirators are these days.

            This cake was really a fun project as the big sis could decorate it with her imagination. We made cars and airplanes for the birthday boy and pink flowers and hearts for the big sis. She helpled me with cutting the fondant into shapes with cookie cutters . Look at me Appa...... she proudly exclaimed ! I am sure that a bakery can make a good cake, but baking at home will create memories that will last forever and are priceless.

             Enjoy the eye pleasing and mouth watering fondant cake.


  1. Belated Haaapppy birthday to the Little boy!!! Hope you guys enjoyed the cake!!


  2. Thanks Bharathi for the wishes. We relished the cake to the last spoonful.

  3. belated wishes varun, a toast to ur enthu, gr8 veena keep it going

  4. Thanks Chandrika. You have boosted my spirit today.

  5. Good work Veena,
    Very nice blog. The cake looks amazing...

    All the very best!