Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cook's Nook

"Its the cook's nook"  october carnival at The Keybunch. What a great opportunity to spectacle my kitchen, the niche where all the delectable dishes make way to my blog. This is my entry to "Its the cook's nook" by
Kitchen is the heart of every household. This nook of the house nourishes us and helps us grow.  Traditionally, we humans have five senses - they're smell, hearing, vision, touch and taste. But only two of these senses are based on chemicals - smell and taste. Smell and taste let us sample the chemicals around us for information. But smell is different from all the other senses in a very special way. The aroma from the food could unleash a flood of memories from our distant past, that are so intense and striking that they seem real. It creates memories and feelings that we treasure our entire lives. Here are a few pictures of this nook in my house:

Complete look of the nook

Another view of the nook
Chopping and dicing nook

Nourishing nook

Cleansing nook


  1. Thanks for the entry for the October Carnival, the spotlessly clean and spacious kitchen..

  2. all the nooks are good.meant for light cooking.This cannot tke the rigorours of idli sambar et all!

  3. your kitchen looks straight out of a catalogue....makes me not want to cook, but sip on a cup of tea and read recipe books on your counter!

  4. LOVE ur kitchen! So neat! Found you through The Keybunch. Am trying to get in touch for another blog carnival, but couldn't find a mail ID :). Could you let me know please? Thanks much!

  5. I'm at

  6. Thank you Ally....its a pleasure to hear the kitchen looks relaxing.

  7. Wowowow! Great kitchen! So much counter space and cabinets! Love it. Did you design it yourself?

  8. Thank you honeybee. We remodeled the kitchen when we bought the house. So I did have the honor of choosing granite, back splash, floor tiles and the appliances.